The author and organizer of the current partnership program is Vision Systems EOOD, with UIC: 175225834, hereinafter referred to as the Organizer;


The Partnership Program operates in accordance with the provisions contained in these General Terms and Conditions, and they are mandatory for all participants in the program;

The General Terms and Conditions perform the function of a declaration by which the partner and all participants in the program declare that they are acquainted and that they accept them in full and without objections;

The Organizer reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions by announcing this fact publicly on its website –;


Any legal entity or individual can be part of the Program, including foreign citizens on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;

The individuals wishing to join the affiliate program must be above 18-years of age;


The affiliate program is a form of contractual cooperation between the Organizer and the person who agrees to perform the function of a partner;

The cooperation is expressed in the provision of a unique promo code by the Organizer to the partner, as the latter (the partner) undertakes to promote it and through it to generate sales of subscription specialized IT services offered by Vision Systems EOOD;

Promotion is the distribution of the unique promo code and / or subscription specialized IT services offered by Vision Systems by email, its publication in the partner’s own profiles in channels such as forums, blogs, social networks and the like, and they should be specified in advance and approved by the Organizer;

Users who use the promo code will benefit from 1 free month when signing a 12-month Contract for subscription technical support of the IT infrastructure;

The Organizer’s partner will receive a deduction in the amount of 10% of the value of the monthly subscription fee to the users or a one-time bonus of the first user’s fee who have used its unique promo code.

The deduction is received on condition that the Contract with the consumer has not been terminated. The commission payment period to the partner is 36 months; The commission payment period to the partner is 36 months;

The promo code can be used repeatedly by a user;

The voucher is provided by e-mail to the partner, after concluding a Contract on his part with Vision Systems and his registration as a partner in the program;

The voucher cannot be given away, transferred or transferred to third parties. He is bound to the partner registered in the program; He is bound to the partner registered in the program;

Each partner receives reports on a monthly basis for current and new orders, containing its unique code;

Program partners may not use the unique promo code in their own orders;

Misleading the value of the discount, promising fake discounts, automatically leads to the suspension of the promo code of the partner.


In order for the registrations to be considered valid, the registered persons (affiliate partners) need to fulfill the following conditions at the same time: to have fulfilled all the conditions regarding the right to participate, as specified in Chapter III of the General Terms and Conditions;

Participation in the partnership program implies the explicit acceptance by the partners that their personal data will be stored and processed by the Organizer for the purposes of the arrangements and implementation of the program;

The organizer undertakes not to disclose to third parties the personal data of the partner in the program. The program partners are guaranteed the rights provided for in the Personal Data Protection Act / Personal Data Protection Act /, as well as in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) on the protection and processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.


The partner needs to work in a way that meets the high standards of ethics, trust and in accordance with the regulations in the Republic of Bulgaria and the EU;

It is necessary to comply with all legal frameworks. It is not permissible to damage the prestige and authority of the Organizer and its partners;

The presentation of the promo code by the partner provided to him by the Organizer must not take place in an environment with obscene content. It should be done in a context (content) that does not contradict public moral, ethical and legal norms; It should be done in a context (content) that does not contradict public moral, ethical and legal norms;

In case the promo code is presented in video content, one should be aware of the social responsibility as well as the influence that the author of the video has on his audience;

It is necessary to respect universal human values and cultural diversity;

The promo code should not be disseminated in the context of political, religious or sexual topics;

Privacy and the dignity of others are required to be respected;

The communication of the promo code needs to be conducted in a way that does not offend specific individuals or companies;

When distributing the promo code, it is obligatory to specify the publishing company – Vision Systems EOOD;

If the promo code is shared in video content created by the partner, it is mandatory to leave it as the first line in the description below the video content. The aim is to provoke a discussion related to the benefits that the promo code brings to generate more comments; The aim is to provoke a discussion related to the benefits that the promo code brings to generate more comments;

After recording, the video content must be sent for review and approval to the Organizer before its publication on the Internet. The video is sent to the email address: [email protected]

The organizer reserves the right to decide which video content to share on its social channels and website;

The comparison of Vision Systems EOOD or the services offered by it with other companies is inadmissible;

Example: Prices in Vision Systems are lower than in Company X;

The discrediting of both partners and competitors of Vision Systems EOOD is inadmissible;

Example: The service in “X” Ltd. is terrible, so trust the services of “Vision Systems” Ltd.;


The commission is calculated from the final amount of the service without VAT;

At the request of the partner, information about the status of the orders can be provided to him through his unique promo code;

The organizer reserves the right to change the terms and duration of the affiliate program by announcing them publicly on the website;

Participants – partners and users (using the promo code) agree to comply with all provisions of these General Terms and Conditions;

This Partnership Program may be terminated in the event of an event which, in the event of force majeure, under applicable law or in the event of a change in the legislative framework, impedes its implementation.

For questions related to the affiliate program or the need for expert consultation, please write to us at: [email protected]